Mostly, all mobile users search for new applications in app store, availability of your business app will encourage potential users to install it and put your icon on their mobile home screen. There are two types of applications that one can download from the app store: Native app and Hybrid app

Native Apps

Native apps can directly run on your mobile device, without a web browser. These native apps are developed in JAVA for Android OS, in OBJECTIVE C or SWIFT for iOS devices and in C# for windows phone apps.

Nowadays, framework like React Native, Flutter and Xamarin allow the development of native apps for all operating systems by using a language different from each standard native language.

Advantages of Native apps:

Push notification- Attracting user for the first time is easy, the challenging part is to re-engage the user and this can be achieved by frequently sending a notification to the users.

Sharing- Essential key of growing your application is Sharing. Native applications can easily be shared among friends and family.

Time- Users spend more time in accessing the application as compared to accessing web browser.

Ad Revenue- One of the most attractive feathers of native mobile app is high revenue. CPM for ads in mobile apps are higher as compared to web apps because web browsers have various add-on to block ads which eventually lowers the revenue.

  • Native apps provide most reliable, fastest and most responsive experience to users.
  • Native apps make tapping into microphone, compass, camera, accelerometer and swipe gestures easier.
  • Native apps are more interactive, intuitive and run much smoother in terms of user inputs and output.
  • There are numerous app’s UI and UX designs which help in achieving the satisfactory level in users.

Disadvantages of Native apps:

  • Native apps are platform dependent means different coding for different operating system.
  • Development cost of native apps are high but it is one-time investment as its maintenance cost is low.
  • Native apps need more development time as it needs to develop separately for different OS.

By using platforms like Xamarin and React Native, one can eliminate the disadvantages of Native apps and can only experience its advantages.


It is a platform build by Microsoft which help the developers to develop one application in C# which can be accessed on any operating system. This platform provides the complete development environment with the additional facility to test application on different platform before its launch. It also offers a few prebuilt apps that can be used by users to get a quick start. Companies that have developed apps by using Xamarin are Slack, Pinterest and Honeywell.

React Native

In the race of being the best platform for mobile development, Facebook recently open- sourced one of its project called “React Native” which let you build real, native iOS and Android app with one codebase. For the features they built with React native, the amount of code shared between iOS and Android is 90%.

React Native apps are used by Facebook, Walmart, Tesla, Instagram, Skype, Airbnb, Wix and many more.

So, now you can easily visualize and realize the benefits of native apps for your business then why to wait? Contact Acwits Solutions LLP for development of customized Native application of your idea, we will make your idea breathe.

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