Video conferencing platforms have become increasingly popular in business and education over the past few years. This rapidly growing technology not only allows people to connect in real-time through audio and video but also makes sharing of documents and files live over the internet easier.

What is Video Meeting Platforms

Video Meeting refers to the conduct of a video Meeting between two or more people distributed geographically through the web network to transmit audio and video data for communication and collaboration in real-time. We can know that video Meeting includes point-to-point and multipoint video meeting systems.

Point-to-point refers to an immediate connection between two members. It works very similarly to a video call. Each member needs a video meeting software, a computer with a webcam and a microphone speaker equipped, and a quick Internet connection.

Multipoint allows three or more locations to be involved within the same virtual video meeting at an equivalent time, even as if they were lecture one another face to face. Similarly, each party in several locations also needs a group of video meeting equipment. in order to tall to another person through the internet.

What are Their Offerings

Video Meetings main advantage over phone meeting is that users can see one another, which allows them to develop stronger connections. When a video Meeting is held for everyday purposes, it's called a video call or video chat. There are a variety of ways video Meetings can be sent. Individuals may use web cameras connected to our laptop, tablet, or desktop computers. Smartphones equipped with cameras also can be utilized in video meetings. In such cases, a software-based platform typically is used to send information over Internet protocol.

Some companies use personal video meeting rooms that are equipped with high-performance cameras and screens to make sure the conversation is clear and with less technical issues. Third-party providers often install and assemble the hardware needed to conduct the video meetings.

Available Options in the Market

Customer services - like Microsoft's Skype, Google's Hangouts, and Apple's FaceTime - have made video conferencing universal on desktops and mobile devices that have an equipped camera. There are lots of other video conferencing software available in the market. For example-

  • Zoom Meetings
  • Logitech
  • ZTE
  • Go to Meeting
  • Life-Size
  • Cisco WebEx Meetings
  • Avaya
  • Mitel
  • Poly
  • Ring central
  • ScanSource
  • West
  • Eztalk Meetings

Why are People Moving Towards It?

There Are Many Reasons That People Are Moving Towards Video Meetings. One of The Most Useful Features of Video Meeting is that it can save lots of your time and money and people are liking this. Because Of this People can talk to their loved ones who are living far from their home and cannot come home as often. Many Big Companies are using Video conferences Because this allows them to grow their business without spending too much money. They can connect with people by video conference for routine meetings, negotiating deals, interviewing New Candidates. So, a lot of money gets saved from the cost of travelling to different locations. This is greatly beneficial for a company as they start getting more results. Therefore, video conferencing plays an important role in the reduced costs of running the business.

Video conferencing platforms are also beneficial for Education. The benefits of video conferencing in education are amazing. One of the greatest benefits of video conferencing in education is that it allows students to record and save lessons. This can be a support to students who miss class due to sickness or some personal reasons it can also help those who would simply want to review the lessons later. With video conferencing platforms, teachers can hold staff meetings at any time and have everyone attend from anywhere.

Different Sectors Relying on Video Meetings

1. IT Sector

Video conferencing platforms are very important For an IT Sector. IT Companies with multiple offices can establish direct video communications between their locations to allow their teams to work more collaboratively. Video conferencing can be done in a corporate meaning, especially for getting workers the knowledge they need to better perform their jobs. IT Companies can use Video meetings to conduct regular meetings with a company staff or to talk with their clients for new projects. It may be used to announce significant changes at a company, such as introducing a new CEO or to display information in an interactive way that allows all members to join in the discussion about what they see on screen.  it can improve productivity amongst employees as well as provide an enhanced way of communicating and interacting with co-workers, partners, and clients. the real benefits of video Meetings include lower travel costs especially for employee training and reduced project times as a result of improved communications among team members.

2. Education Sector

Studying in classrooms is always taken for granted by most of the students. However, some of the students, particularly those who live in a remote rural area may don't have the opportunities when the schools are far away from their homes. In this case, it's a good idea to utilize video meeting platforms for virtual classrooms. With its help, students don't need to go for a long way to attend school. They can Gain new knowledge and even experience a virtual school trip without going outside. Video meetings can also be used as a medium for handling training, with the instructor teaching a remote class from almost anywhere.

One of the benefits of video meetings in schools is that it brings an easy way for your schools to invite experts to provide teaching experience to teachers and give classes for students. Teachers and students can talk and interact with experts. On the other hand, experts always have a busy schedule, and this kind of meeting helps them to save a lot of time and money to travel.

Growth in this Segment Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

The Millions & Thousands of Employees and Students being asked to work and study from home Due to the Coronavirus and the video conferencing is fast becoming the normal way to communicate.

In the comfort of their own homes, people across the Globe are firing up video chats and conferences to replace the meetings and classes that are not happening in person because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. These social distancing measures are meant to keep people from physically coming into contact with other Persons. These measures are creating the need for a virtual connection. Unlike phone calls in video Conferences, you can see people’s faces and read their expressions on video chats.

With the ability to connect in entire departments, even classrooms worth of people, these virtual meet-ups can replicate the feeling of being part of a group and the productive energy that creates. Video Meetings Surely helping people to counties there work in this situation without going anywhere and because of it, Video Meetings Segment is Growing Fast.

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