Today, building a SEO friendly website very essential to get the visibility and traffic. SEO friendly website means that Search Engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) can easily crawl each page of the website efficiently, interpret the content effectively and index it in their database. Some basic of Search Engine Friendly website development are mentioned below:

Mobile-Friendly Features

Handheld devices has changed the digital market drastically in this decade. Everybody has a Smartphone, constantly communicating, searching and grasping the information over it. In many other countries, the number of phones has transcended the number of personal computers; having a mobile-friendly website has become an essential part of having an online appearance.

Allows JS and CSS

Have you ever got a warning from google saying that “Googlebot cannot access CSS and JS files” in your Console, there has been much turbulence about how to make sure you are granted Googlebot to crawl these prevented resources without probably opening yourself up to security issues. If you need a URL to be accessible to users then you should use canonical tags

Canonical Tag

A canonical tag is only noticeable to search engines so it allows the user to remain on the URL. Canonical Tags are a Crucial Part of Each Site Architecture and a strong way to inform Google and other search engines which URLs you need them to index.

301 Redirect

301 will redirect users and search engines. A redirected URL won’t be saved in your analytics. If you don't need a URL to be accessible to users then you can redirect. In 301 redirect, You've moved your site to a new domain, and you want to make the change as seamless as possible.

Robots.txt file

Robots.txt is used to set rules that tell crawlers and robots about which parts of a site should crawled which shouldn’t be. However, when it comes to editing a robots.txt file, we need to remember that with big power comes big responsibility. This is because even a small mistake could possibly deindex a complete site from search engines.

Automated XML Sitemap

A Sitemap is a list of web pages designed for web crawlers so people can find web content easily.  The search engine can use a sitemap to view the newest pages on a website, or all the web pages together, including video, images, content, and all the things available on the website.


Metadata indicates the data included on the meta tag on a webpage. Search engines use metadata to find related information to publicize in search results. This entails things such as a page title, meta description, and keywords.

Page Title

Page titles display as the title link in search engine results, so it is essential to craft a meaningful and branded page title. These can be appended to content pages, category, products,  pages, and blogs. Every page should have a unique title tag, first starting with a related keyword and have less than 70 (according to the latest update of the length of title tag) characters.

Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are displayed in search engine results as a short yet descriptive brief. They are  couple of sentences long. The best way to add meta descriptions to all page of your website including products, content pages, category pages, blog posts, and the home page. If you are targeting particular keywords, make sure to add them at the start of the description tag. A meta description tag should be well designed, compelling and informative.

Also, remember the following SEO requirements of new website platform

  1. Location pages ready to be indexed at the individual location level.
  2. Supports breadcrumbs on e-commerce category, product pages, and subcategory.
  3. Supports Product, Local Business and Breadcrumb schema markup on relevant pages.
  4. Add social sharing links/buttons on product pages.
  5. Category and Subcategory pages able to add up to 500 words of text.

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